Allen Tager
While still in his early twenties, Allen Tager was one of the 9 leaders in the largest artistic movement in the long history of the former Soviet Union.

In St. Petersburg (The Cultural Capital of Russia), this group of more than 300 artists gave regular art exhibitions of "new" art five years prior to the rise of Mikhail Gorbachov. As history notes, Mr. Gorbachov instigated the global shift of the totalitarian Russian regime to the new Russian Democracy.

It is commonly believed that this "new" art movement in St. Petersburg and these group of artists which risked their lives giving these art exhibitions created a foundation for change in the cultural and social climate of the country.

Allen Tager is internationally recognized for his successful and unique approach to art studies, as well as his ability to elicit remarkable levels of creativity from his students. His students from Europe and USA have repeatedly been recognized for top honors in international-level art competitions.

Allen Tager’s method was developed during his career as a modern artist in Russia, where, through working with fellow artists and students, he uncovered a strong demand to inspire promising young artists with his visionary philosophy, style, and approach to art education. Honoring prestigious European traditions and fine art academies, his classes and workshops offer an incredible opportunity for authentic artistic development.

Allen Tager believes that all art and creativity is connected deeply to life. Therefore, to nurture the full dimension and potential of the individual, classes, workshops and retreats are offered on an ongoing basis in a diverse menu of curriculum and subjects including: classes, conferences, discussion groups, labs and seminars. The program provides a dynamic creative environment of exploration, learning, and support.

In 1994 Allen Tager was awarded The U.N.E.S.C.O. (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) diploma for excelling in the areas of education.

* Limited edition reproductions available from all of Allen Tager’s art work.
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