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Deyk Wyta-Myn

The last of its kind, the Deyk Wyta-Myn is an ancient ancestor of the Dawn Draypyr. Its lanky form was due to the lower gravity of the planet before the Growth Years. In comparison to the Draypyr, the Deyk is much more aggressive and prone to physical action, laying waste to most any life in its path. It's massive claws and whip-like arms allow them to unleash a barrage of attacks nearing the speedy of sound. Many mistake it to be fragile to due its numerous thin points, however they fail to realize the magnetic forces manipulating its body, making each area extremely durable and strong.


Upon contact, run.


So this has been in the works for quite a while now. Both it, the previous trooper and the Dawn Drapyr will be in a rather large dio that I hope to bring to Brickcon if I come this year. I said I'd build a SHIP but plans changed once these guys came about. Maybe more pictures will be taken, we'll see.

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Taken on November 8, 2008