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    as you can see, the ancient dragon and my dragon has similar paper distribution, but the ancient dragon has waaay more complicated base, as I made a box pleated 36x36grid base for my dragon.

    1. CPmaker [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

      The ancient dragon is very difficult indeed. Did you think of changing it's head to fit ancient dragon horns?

    2. TadashiMori 36 months ago | reply

      Hm.. didn't think of this, but it think everyone would criticize me if did this xD

    3. Sir Doctor Of Tardis 36 months ago | reply

      very nice, I think that the tail is an improvement, good judgement on not being TOO similar to Ancient Dragon, but I do think you might have wanted to change up the model a little more, as it does look very similar. I like it over all, good work, Mr. Mori ;)

    4. CPmaker [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

      ah yes, it would be TOO similar to the ancient dragon. The head is good, but it may need a little work to give it a unique flare :)

    5. brianflexa 36 months ago | reply

      His neck is too long and makes it a little bit ugly. Should be better.

    6. Felipe Ochman 36 months ago | reply

      Oi Tadashi so para confirmar o seu dragao e por box pleated 36x36grid, e o ancient dragon tabmbem?

    7. TadashiMori 36 months ago | reply

      Não, o Ancient dragon não tem um grid.

    8. sn3akyp3anut 36 months ago | reply

      hey, can you make a tutorial on how to give it an ancient dragon head??? that would be awesome

    9. sn3akyp3anut 36 months ago | reply

      please... thanks in advance

    10. Joe Hanson's Origami Page 36 months ago | reply

      Go design your own dragon. Don't turn flickr into the new faggotube (Youtube)

    11. CPmaker [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

      Tell me about it XD All the youtubers ask retarded questions XD

    12. YURIDOA 34 months ago | reply

      o tadashi em que regiao de sao paulo posso comprar o livro que ensina a azer o dragon anciant

    13. AtharvGoel [deleted] 23 months ago | reply

      Can i use 42 cm x 42 cm copy paper!

    14. PICARUELO 13 months ago | reply

      Good job Tadashi, can I ask you something? I have just begun a new blog ( and I wanted to make an entry talking about how I made my crumpled Ancient Dragon (you can see it in my flickr). Can I use your CP to ilustrate it? Do you know if Kamiya's CP is 'public'? I may try both of them for comparison. Thank you

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