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Flickr's Epic Fail 8-( (Enter Tackyland)

Most of you will recognize this photo. I'm re-sharing so I can vent about flickr's flake out with my photostream. I just recently discovered that flickr set a TON of my photos to private and somehow or another took away all the "favorites" that people had given each photo. I wonder what exactly happened that they not only set 100 of my photos from the last six months to private, but also managed to take away all the faves attached to those shots in the process?


I know this is ultimately trivial but if you scroll to the bottom of these comments you'll see all of the photos that were highly ranked in my "Most Interesting" folder which has been a great reference to refer to when deciding on prints and photos to share. Now they aren't even in my top 500 most interesting because they have no favorites. Now I'm slowly making all of these photos public again and trying to repair the damage done. Now I'm starting to question flickr's ability to keep it all together over the coming years. I'm glad all of my photos are backed up by other means but it would be a huge undertaking to reorganize them all. GET IT TOGETHER FLICKR!


(Here was my original description that explained this photo.)

One 17 minute exposure at multiple apertures. Using a manual lens on my t1i at ISO 100, I painted at f/4, 5.6, and 16.


f/4 for the purple tree lighting on the sides.

f/5.6 for the other gelled lighting, green el wire, and rainbow schoon stick path.

f/16 for the fountain spin and sparkler run.


I tried the light cube in the middle of the spin which was a bad idea although it doesn't show up much. I also wish I had lit the right side a little more. I do like how star trails come out when you do the f-stop shuffle though.


After 30 minutes of test frames and a 17 minute shot, I wasn't up for a redo. This would have gone so much easier and quicker if I had someone helping me out.


I'm off on a golf trip with my Dad, Uncle, and Cousins until Sunday. Enjoy your weekend!

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Taken on June 14, 2012