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1.15.2011 <end of the road> 365/365

This is it, the final photo in my 365 project. This was a hard photo to do, largely because I had no idea what to do. I ended up with the warning sign at the end of a dead-end road. For this image I used my flash to illuminate the reflectors on the sign and then threw it all out of focus. (The next photo in the stream is a different look at the same sign.)


So, for my final 365 photo I rely on a cliche shot. Oh well, out with a wimper and not a bang.


And so here's 10 final 365 thoughts:


1. In the interest of full disclosure, these 365 photos were taken over the course of 366 days. When I was shooting film for a week in August, using my Dad's old camera, it malfunctioned and a day's worth of frames were lost.


2. This project has to be a better learning experience than any photography course. From the camera to processing to appreciating and studying the work of others, it was a great education.


3. If I had to do it over again I would have started a couple of weeks later. I began the very day I bought this camera, and should have used a little time to become more familiar with it before jumping into this project.


4. The biggest surprise during this project had nothing to do with my photos, but the response from people around the world last August when I posted a series of photographs my Dad took in Asia in the 1950s.


5. The biggest ego boost was when one of my 365 photos won first place in the still life category of the Iowa State Fair photography contest.


6. In spite of #5, I really got bored with still lifes, and had a lot more fun taking shots at events.


7. While I took some black and white photos - and greatly admire the black and white photography of the masters - I feel it's a cliche in the 21st century (no offense to anyone).


8. I shot a total of 18,909 frames in the past year.


9. While I didn't develop my own "style" in the past year, I at least now feel comfortable attempting a photograph in just about any situation.


10. Last, but most of all, it was great fun and an inspiration to have followed the work of so many good photographers on Flickr. Thanks to everyone who followed my work, who took the time to look at my newest photos, and who were interested enough to leave a comment. It meant a lot each and every time. If you open the photo I've noted to the right several people who have been along for most of the ride (apologies to anyone and everyone I overlooked).


I suspect I'll post as many photos in the next year as I did in the past one. I'm doing a 52 week project for 2011, have a big back log of photos from the past year I still want to share, and I plan to drag the camera bag along most places I go. It will just be at a different pace.


Thank you, and see you all around.

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Taken on January 15, 2011