5 Day Program as a prelude to the Carnival of Oppressed Feelings (October 2017)
The purpose of the 5 Days Program was to initiate dialogues and discussions around five themes that are connected to a party (in a political sense). We invited professionals who work with these themes to participate, and asked several refugees to talk about their experiences. Next to that, refugee organizations invited people from their network. This created a new gathering of experts and refugees every day. The input provided by the involved parties was transformed into costumes and theatre props, and presented at The Carnival of Oppressed Feelings on 28 October 2017. This performative march, initiated by Russian artist Gluklya and TAAK brought together refugees housed in the center for asylum seekers at the former prison Bijlmerbajes, artists and everyone who feeled involved, in a grotesque carnival, see also: www.flickr.com/photos/taak_me/albums/72157666298173529

Description of parties:
1) Potato eater party
2) Monsters party
3) Language of Fragility party
4) Recycling prison party
5) Spirits of history party
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