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G o o d m o r n i n g --- Autumn is here | by Sysy *
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G o o d m o r n i n g --- Autumn is here

I hear the songs, of autumn singing,

The wind, it hurries through the trees.

The air is getting crisper daily,

A chilly nip, is in the breeze.


The katydids, in raspy chorus,

and crickets too, join in the song.

Reminder that, there comes upon us,

another season, won't be long.


The birds now gather, for their journey,

they gossip loudly, as they fly.

Their destination, still uncertain,

just heading south, to warmer skies.


And even butterflies, are going,

their darting seems, to have no plan.

But if we study them, more closely,

they're headed south, to warmer land.


The forest dressed, in all its splendor,

intoxicating, views abound.

All up and down, our lovely valley,

and mountain sides, of country towns.


The leaves are searching, for a new home,

they flutter down, on wings of gold.

The trees they left, are looking lonesome.

abandoned soon, to winters cold.


The pumpkins waiting, for the kitchen,

with shocks of corn, in fields once green.

The season soon, will call together,

our friends and kin, so long unseen.


Boots and mittens, make their showing,

with Christmas things, on shelves in stores.

Lawn mowers now, go on vacation,

snow shovels soon, prepare for chores.


There seems to be, a certain sadness,

another year, has come and gone.

The next one waits, around the corner,

adventures new, and memories born.


Already daffodils, are planning,

to welcome back, from its sojourn.

Their faces searching, toward the heavens,

first robin here, on its return.


Nevin Hawlman

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Taken on September 15, 2007