Art WALL Easter Workshop

The Art Wall 3.0 project will be held in September as part of the OFF Biennale 2. The Art Wall crew will not be inactive until September, catalogues are available online about our recent exhibitions and workshops. A very intensive discourse is evolving online among the international artists, the collaborative works are collected in an ever-expanding Global Contemporary Poster Art Book. Our next workshop is at Easter (2017.04.14-17.) and (2017.05.01.). You can join and send your work in, Ladies and Gentlemen, until April 15 to: Time is not money, but because printing costs money please provide printing cost of your poster – 9000 HUF / 30 Euro for a 120 x 120 cm print. Accommodation can be arranged for those of you who want to create an installation on the day, meals are also provided for a contribution. The location of the exhibition is the former military barracks at Nagykanizsa, Hungary, with 15 rooms of different proportions surrounded by 300 meter concrete wall, all available to work on. So you are welcome to join the workshop and the exhibition both online and live.
In this workshop creations:
Syporca Whandal created a communion table from rubbish on site and built in trash objects István Téglás. This objects was attended in Mersz Klub' s trash exhibition. An another installation is red speckled house-cloth
digesting the details of such a wall throwing peas, shows the apocalyptic fear of present uncertainty. The house-clothes from
bequest. The cloth is a tipical Hungarian suvenir with folk embroidery. The cloth was modificated such our cultural, such our border, and repainted in the original work is not dead, but a new generated. The cloth will be used in the summer in Common Jam event as cloth. The printout details from video Gombostűrengetegben was repalce on the wall. Filming took place between the walls of the Gallery.
György Rőczei created a copy of a stamped digital artwork for Art Wall project.
László Ladány continued her hand-made collage.
Attila Vajda and Piros made graffities.
Gáspár Baksa send two digital collages for Art Wall project.
We repair the Art Wall Gallery especially room of Tibor Jakab in memoriam. We have cleaned up the gallery.
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