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New Feature: Color Blend Operator | by Syntopia
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New Feature: Color Blend Operator

Previously, to modify a color, you'd have to increase or decrease the Hue, Saturation, or Brightness. I never felt this was particular intuitive (even though everybody claim the HSV palette is very intuitive).


I've added a simple Blend operator, which blends the current color with the stated color (weighted by the given strength). See the example screenshot.


The syntax is: blend {color} {strength}


A strength of 1.0 will weight the current and new color evenly. Colors are mixed in HSV color space. Hue's will wrap around. Saturation and Value are clamped to [0,1].


Notice that since the mixing is performed in HSV space, the result may seems counterintuitive. For instance blending a red color into a blue color, may have intermediate green steps (since you are change the hue - so you will move around on the HSV color circle).


In Subversion now, and part of Structure Synth 1.0 when released.

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Uploaded on February 17, 2009