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[11/365] In a Glass House

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Day 11 - Jan/11/2010

[Explored Jan.11.2010 #249] My very first photo in Explore!!! :D

"Shadow fills the light, until the glass house becomes the night. The dark is gleaming or am I dreaming?" Lyrics from song: In a Glass House by Gentle Giant

Hope you all survived Monday (the longest day of the week...unless you've taken a sick day or are on vacation).

I went over to College Park again today and this time went upstairs. Took this shot because it looked amazing! Not sure if this photo does any justice to the actual view. Anyway, that thing in the middle I believe is a totem pole but I was in a hurry and forgot to get the info on this totem. It's on my to-do list for next time I stop by this place.

Anyway, had long day at work. Just got home awhile ago...I'm famished and exhausted. Must recharge for Tuesday. Adios Folks!

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  1. Techy Girl 62 months ago | reply

    Thanks! I got it. Apparently, I had two!! I wish there was a way to find out as soon as it was in Explore.

  2. curiousillusion 62 months ago | reply

    No you had THREE! Click on where it says "Include Dropped" and it'll show you pics that used to be in explore but aren't anymore.

    Yeah, there's no real way to find out unless someone tells you, or unless you check scout often. :(

  3. Techy Girl 62 months ago | reply

    Oh awesome!! Thanks!! :D

  4. B. Dudley 62 months ago | reply

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  5. 1davidstella 62 months ago | reply

    Beautifully shot.

    Please join my new group for photos of people and places.

    You are a 4tografier!

    people invite-3
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  6. ~*be*~ 62 months ago | reply

    great shot! congrats on making Exlpore! :)

  7. Mick H 51 62 months ago | reply

    Great shot !
    cool architecture....

  8. bridgy2008 62 months ago | reply

    DDA - The Photo Warrior ***Invite Only***

  9. Techy Girl 62 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the comments and feedback everyone! Yes, I do think it would look better if I did straighten it a bit. It was shot a bit crooked because of a metal thingy in the middle. Will rotate in Photoshop and see if that looks better!

    Thanks again!!! :D

  10. VeHa. 62 months ago | reply

    Beautiful capture. Congratulations.

  11. myelements 62 months ago | reply

    amazing shot!

  12. Markus T: 62 months ago | reply

    I think this is a great shot. But it will be much better if the lines are not diagonally.

  13. Kyle_Butler 62 months ago | reply

    I was so excited when I saw this picture I did a back flip. However, I was in a sleeping bag...so it got really weird. My cat looked at me as though he no longer accepted me as his owner. Then I realized I had no cat, and wondered why this creature was in my home!

    See, your photo has set off a chain of events that not even Ashton Kutcher could fix!

  14. ~MissLilly~ 62 months ago | reply

    wow really amazing building

  15. matthewcxlangford 61 months ago | reply

    triple 7 bay! this is where i work.

  16. [~db~] Photography 60 months ago | reply

    Quite and interesting photo. Good job lining up all the different angles and variables that went into capturing it so well.

  17. AntoPix 58 months ago | reply


  18. L|O|R|G 57 months ago | reply

    This is insane... reflection overkill. :)

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