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Sushi Art Demo

Eatable Art ! | Sushi Art: Kazari Maki-zushi Demonstration


Sushi can be traced back to an ancient Chinese practice in which fish was preserved in salt and fermented rice. Sushi, as it is known today, first emerged in Japan during the Edo Period (1600-1868), in roadside stalls in Tokyo as a type of Japanese fast food. Despite its humble origins, this simple creation of a small portion of vinegared rice (shari) and accompanying fish topping (neta) has developed into a sophisticated culinary delicacy known and enjoyed around the world.


In a short time, Australians have also come a long way in their appreciation and understanding of the many facets of this Japanese delicacy. For the first time, this event will introduce Australians to the relatively new sushi art form of Kazari Maki-zushi, or ‘decorative sushi’, with an exciting demonstration by sushi master Ken Kawasumi. Kawasumi has pioneered the culinary art of transforming the simple sushi roll (maki-zushi) into an intricately designed masterpiece.


Since beginning a sushi apprenticeship at the age of 16, Kawasumi has spent 33 years perfecting his sushi crafting techniques. After working at a number of well-known sushi bars in the Tokyo precinct, he opened the popular sushi restaurant Kawasumi. Currently the Head of the prestigious Tokyo Sushi Academy, Kawasumi splits his time between training students at the Academy and travelling the world introducing Kazari Maki-zushi. Most recently he has delighted audiences in Scandinavia with his demonstrations. This year, Kawasumi was once again crowned the ‘All Japan Professional Sushi Contest Champion’ after triumphing over other sushi chefs from around Japan on the TV Tokyo series.


Following an insightful talk on the history of sushi and an introduction of the particular tools used, Kawasumi will demonstrate his fluid yet lightning-quick technique as he turns simple ingredients into finely crafted works of art. For fans of sushi, or those who are more interested in the artistic aspect, this demonstration is sure to take your appreciation of this culinary art to new heights. Be sure not to miss out on this special evening.

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Taken on July 26, 2007