• This right here is pretty brilliant!! - .Tromas
  • great techniques abound, but this is my favorite part - madLEGOman

Odd Manka Cat 1

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My entry for fbtb's hybridfighter contest, rush build ! fun build!

The odd manka Cat, mash-up between firespray-31 class and Tie fighter

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  1. Legohaulic 36 months ago | reply

    Oh my word! This is gorgeous!

  2. ted @ndes 36 months ago | reply

    Great details. Really like the work on the TIE wing.

  3. Daiman M 36 months ago | reply

    I seriously agree with all of the positive feedback and hereby submit to vote this craft into the official star wars universe....it belongs there.

    Oh and I want the secret of the tie wing please.

  4. madLEGOman 36 months ago | reply

    favorite build by far, way better than mine. don't think anything is gonna top this. after the contest you really should consider fully developing both the firespray and the tie fighter. the elements you got going look way too nice to leave them just for a contest build (no offense to fbtb) this thing is ridiculously slick and smooth ....dear god i just saw the pneumatics, wow.

  5. A. Stormtrooper 36 months ago | reply

    ^Is right, you should really consider making a full firespray and TIE Fighter, if they turn out anything like this one they'll be awesome!

  6. derekbourgeois 36 months ago | reply

    Stunning. Wonderful shapes and expertly crafted!

  7. Unsier 36 months ago | reply

    man this is tight

  8. Sydag 36 months ago | reply

    Wow !! oO, I wasn't expecting so much feedback, all your comments are very meaningful for me. Thank you so very much !!

    And for those who are interrested, A full tie fighter is on the way... Already have the ball-shaped cockpit ^^

  9. McCluckles 36 months ago | reply

    /Jaw hits the floor

  10. MDilthey 36 months ago | reply

    THIS is one of the greatest ships I have ever seen in my entire 16 years of fandom. Well done.

  11. SpyFlops 36 months ago | reply

    After the contest, please promise me you'll finish that outstanding Firespray!

  12. madLEGOman 36 months ago | reply

    well you got one my four votes, if there is any justice in this contest you should definitely win, good luck

  13. Shamisenfred 36 months ago | reply

    The Main body is awesome! Great curve!
    The concept itself rocks too!

  14. Ezractly 35 months ago | reply

    congrats. 16% votes..major landslide!!

  15. madLEGOman 35 months ago | reply

    second on those congradulations, well now that you won some more parts, lets see that firespray and tie fighter =)

  16. legovaughan 35 months ago | reply

    Lucas would be proud.

  17. Daiman M 35 months ago | reply

    Congratulations and as I mentioned before...you deserve a place in the Star Wars universe.

  18. Sydag 35 months ago | reply

    And again thank you a lot !! everyone of you ! I'm so glad it works so well ^^

  19. Motian 34 months ago | reply

    I really enjoy the styling on the unmodded firespray. The lack of the rear saucer make for some interesting viewing angles.

  20. brickmack 33 months ago | reply

    That's genuinely awesome. I love the Firespray part of it, MUCH better than any other version I've seen (Even got the bottom part right, most I've seen had it way to big). The TIE wings look great also. I can't believe this was a rushed build, I'd love to see what you can do with some extra time (And now I'm going to check your photostream and do just that)

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