• if you were able to do something with this line to make the head smoother it would be even better! - origamiPete
  • The line separated the melon and the beak. it is more obvious because of the shadow.
  • i see :-) it reálly is not that "change-requiring" as i thought ;c) maybe i need to shut my mouth because this dolphin is hundred times better than any of my attempts. :-) - origamiPete

Origami Bottlenose Dolphin

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My design, uncut square paper. It has a bit color change underneath. I hope you guys will like it =D . Oh,,, the head part was a lazy solution...

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  1. Quentin Origami 51 months ago | reply

    I like it.
    DON'T change it! (maybe just the eyes).

  2. Arrtemi Origami (Kor origamist) 51 months ago | reply

    Wow! It's awesome dolphin!

  3. Syahmir 51 months ago | reply

    I'm so glad to receive positive feedback & thank you!!

  4. Pere Olivella 51 months ago | reply

    I like very much!! I think the same that Quentin, don't change the desing! maybe fold with best paper for better head. All fins are very clean, the body is perfect!! And the dolphin smiles!!!

  5. gj0kyz 51 months ago | reply

    Excellent design; lovely folding congratulations!

  6. origamiPete 51 months ago | reply

    wow! check it out! it is absolutely flawless! the body is so clean and i adore the natural volume! excellent!

  7. Syahmir 51 months ago | reply

    thanks guys for the nice comments. The head part is the hardest part to get it right. Maybe I will fold it more neater.

  8. MV origami 51 months ago | reply

    Great work and looking forward to the next version.

  9. madiyar.amerkeshev 51 months ago | reply

    filled life and volume dolphin, bravo!

  10. ttsan 51 months ago | reply

    It's great design. Very natural. The 3D is perfect.

  11. duncan.aaron 51 months ago | reply

    Kudos! It has energy and personality. I like it!

  12. BenOrigami 51 months ago | reply

    Great! Nice volume!

  13. Syahmir 51 months ago | reply

    thank you very very much to M V origami, madiyar.amerkeshev, ttsan, Beth, duncan.aaron & Ben for the nice comment.

  14. MoonlightWorks [deleted] 51 months ago | reply

    Looks great!!

  15. Syahmir 51 months ago | reply

    Thank you! for both of you.

  16. Poetry in Paper 34 months ago | reply

    Lovely head :) As if smiling

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