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Dumb - Garbage

The last lap of 35+ 4 Wente Criterium.

I went to the front for too long, got gapped, then managed to work up to twentieth? The headwind was so strong that the pack just stalled there, no one on the front able or willing to advance much.

Then there's an accident and I slow and move to the right a little bit, make it past the rolling bicycles and feel like I won - www.flickr.com/photos/swoo/3417798725/, but then someone comes sprinting from about 70th, rubbernecks the accident and manages to hook his handlebars into mine.

Dumb is

a.) Not looking towards the front or where you're headed during the final sprint
b.) looking only about ten feet ahead instead of adjusting the sight range with speed (I'm guessing by the way he's swerving )
c.) riding in a crowd on the tops? - about a sixth of the field favors this position...

One is not safe until one has gotten off the bike and into the car! This happened so quick I just got flipped onto my shoulders and my legs didn't get scraped up at all.

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  1. SWoo 71 months ago | reply

    , thanks, headwind, yes, this is close to where the hills have a lot of power generating windmills

  2. giovannirey2 71 months ago | reply

    dude!! cool video... ah, sort of... :(

    crashing sucks. makes you want to slap some people. starting with the first guy 'orange' who fell for NO reason. A little jostle, and a tiny rub of elbows and he went down like a house of cards. booooooo.

    then the guy that ran you over.... BOOOOOOO

    oh the shame in being caught on video f'n up. ;)

    cool video though, and good riding by you, as always.

  3. SWoo 71 months ago | reply

    , thanks, you're the man!

  4. jvolsansky 71 months ago | reply

    Looks like the guy in white though doesn't have much room is holding a decent line for where he was...not much space. The guy on the orange ride is totally looking for trouble. outta the saddle over the dots, slightly touchs if at all the guy in white. Looks like he was expecting more contact and leaned into something that wasn't there. BANG! The rearender what was up with that? Rubbernecking, going into a bunch finish on his hoods?!?! Hope everybody is all right. one of our teammates went home with a new set of taillights, OUCH!

  5. hippster 71 months ago | reply

    I wish I had bought one of these for the NRC crit last weekend in Dana Point. I thought about it, but never got around to ordering. Would've been some great footage for sure. How long do your batteries last?

    Hipp Ster

  6. SWoo 71 months ago | reply

    , that sounds like a pretty good recreation. I saw the shredded shorts, ouch!
    , supposedly about two hours but I've never recorded that long. I have one of the newer model ones that takes the 4G (two hours recording time) card and an older one that uses the 2G (one hour recording time) card. It looks like some places are selling the older one.

    I saw this link on 's photo :http://helmetcameracentral.com/2009/04/27/vholdr-contourhd-the-worlds-first-hd-wearable-camcorder/
    for possibly a more convenient and higher quality solution.
    It's also more aerodynamic. But it would not be useful for the chest mount that I would want to use on the dirt. :)

  7. obra3 71 months ago | reply

    Another option is the Blackeye 2


    I've been pondering the countourhd but battery life for me is the problem.

  8. SWoo 71 months ago | reply

    , thanks! That is an interesting option, too.

  9. Stephen Butler 71 months ago | reply

    Sorry to see this! The link also made its way to www.chicagobikeracing.com, where it got labeled as "crash porn."

  10. Ŋιcκ 71 months ago | reply

    that's really fantastic!!!!! it's exactly the same of the race! i never imagined that someone would have filmed a bicycle race, because of the risk of fall!! i hope you and your camera are ok! keep on with this incredible videos!

  11. SWoo 71 months ago | reply

    , thanks, but I'm famous for the wrong reasons...
    , I have a lot more videos here:

    and here:http://www.vimeo.com/user734015/videos but not a lot of crashes. The cameras are probably in a more protected place than anything else on the bike, just start and forget.
    , yep, oh well, hopefully we all learn something and move on

  12. samoreno20 66 months ago | reply

    I know it's been 5 months since this race, but I was looking at it and thought I would comment, however, nobody will probably read..hah..I was racing in that and I was the rider just up front of the two guys who locked handlebars. Unfortunately their crash took me out hard, I was the one who got knocked out and eventually carted off by ambulance. Damage - broken pelvic bone, two broken ribs, broken collarbone and subdural hematoma (blood and swelling of the brain) spent two days in the hospital over there and a month in bed. However, I am back on bike and training for next year...

  13. plattyjo 66 months ago | reply

    Gosh - glad you're back on the bike and I'm so sorry the crash was so horrific for you!

  14. SWoo 66 months ago | reply

    , 2x on what wrote. My neck still hurts from the secondary accident I was in...

  15. samoreno20 66 months ago | reply

    yeah, I'll have to deal with the collarbone aches for awhile but otherwise fine..see you on the circuit next season...

  16. Stephane O 63 months ago | reply

    Wow! what are the odds of getting such capture of a crash?
    It is quite amazing to see the distortion of the wheels from the back camera.
    In all honesty, I have been watching it over and over and I am not sure the guy who clipped you had any choice not to crash into you. If you look closely he had a (narrow) lucky escape at the first crash and by the time he was recovering trying to stay on his bike (see his right leg, out, trying to counterbalance), he saw you, try to swirl the other way (twice) but his bike was heading your way, regardless, speed and velocity took over... He also had his hands on his brakes...
    At least you didn't end up in a bunch of Stinging Nettle, like I once did :)

  17. SWoo 62 months ago | reply

    , you need to consider a couple of things since it sounds like you may not race, he was off the back on the last lap and he was so far back - approximately 60th of 65 people left in the field ( besides the ten or so that got dropped ) that his placing did not matter in any way whatsoever, and he rubbernecked and turned his head to look at the accident right before he ran into me.

  18. Stephane O 61 months ago | reply

    I do race but not professionally and it's more time trial or long distance races (therefore not in a pack, start 1 to 10 riders at once every minute or 2 minutes).
    Track is definitely next for me...

  19. thepanacea [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

    WOW! Sorry about the crash, but interesting to watch and dissect.

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