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Dumb - Garbage


The last lap of 35+ 4 Wente Criterium.


I went to the front for too long, got gapped, then managed to work up to twentieth? The headwind was so strong that the pack just stalled there, no one on the front able or willing to advance much.


Then there's an accident and I slow and move to the right a little bit, make it past the rolling bicycles and feel like I won -, but then someone comes sprinting from about 70th, rubbernecks the accident and manages to hook his handlebars into mine.


Dumb is


a.) Not looking towards the front or where you're headed during the final sprint

b.) looking only about ten feet ahead instead of adjusting the sight range with speed (I'm guessing by the way he's swerving )

c.) riding in a crowd on the tops? - about a sixth of the field favors this position...


One is not safe until one has gotten off the bike and into the car! This happened so quick I just got flipped onto my shoulders and my legs didn't get scraped up at all.

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Uploaded on April 26, 2009