Sandy "Frankenstorm" 10/30/12
Since school was closed, Aidan and I got up early and drove around SW. As I stepped out of our apartment, the first thing I saw was a tree on top of a pick-up truck in our parking lot. Driving around I was happy to see that on this side of town, not many trees were down. There was some damage in The Groves, and in Old SW. One lady on Avenham in Old SW had a large branch down in her yard and had no power. She had a big Halloween party planned tonight which she had to cancel. We ventured up to the Star, only the back way was open due to trees down. There were flurries at the Star and you could see a sheet of snow approaching downtown. VERY windy at the Star! It was fun to act silly and take pictures since we were the ONLY ones up there!

Photo's: Loren Wright
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