(the return of) 3-D exquisite corpses
A complete gallery of the corpses exhibited at the Niagara Artists' Centre in St. Catharines, Canada, from January 26 to February 14, 2008.

Curated by Christine Cosby (Swizzle Studio)

Participants were provided with some basic instructions and were invited to create imaginative three dimensional body parts, which were then mixed & matched to create new exquisite corpse creatures.

List of Contributors

Corpse Contributors:
Lisa Akita
Julia Blushak
Norainie Bogosoff
Anne & John Carruthers
Christine Cosby
Melanie Cunha
Claudia Davila
Marina Dempster
Anja Duess
Rob Elliott
Kristina Groeger
Ernest Harris Jr.
Floresita Hernandez
Rika Hirai
Colette Hogue
Karen Holden
Olivia Kjellander Hook
Trish Lavoie
Val le Blanc
Melanie & Beverly MacDonald
Judith Marquis
Lotus Miyashita
Scott Neff
Audra Neil
Charles Perrault
Farida Peters
Shirley Radebach
Deborah Stoesz
Gladys Stoesz-Hammond
Christina Thomas
Chantal Visca
Oksana Werbowy
Greg White
Momo Yoshida

Assembly Team:
Christine Cosby
Lesley Dowey
Anja Duess
Trish Lavoie
Len Senater
Oksana Werbowy
Greg White
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