• Mysterious additional exit ("Central island only" - not as enticing as it sounds!)
  • Another mysterious additional exit (not marked on map)
  • The pumps for the (long defunct) fountains are on display here - must have been a good sight at some point...
  • There's another transport-themed mosaic in the tunnels here
  • 1960s themed mosaic in the tunnel here
  • Extremely long additional tunnel (not marked on the map) starts here, heading parallel to the car park
  • Extremely long tunnel that's not marked on the map - see link below
  • This one's already bricked over
  • If you look closely, there's a faded engraving commemorating the design and construction of the subways (and the Park Lane improvements in general) on the limestone wall outside the exit here.

Follow your exit number

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The pedestrian subway in Marble Arch is extraordinarily complicated. And there are several other tunnels and exits that aren't marked on this map as well! (see notes for details of a few of them). It's being closed imminently and replaced with surface crossings.

There's also this extraordinary tunnel at the bottom left (parallel to the car park):

  1. roll the dice 83 months ago | reply

    excellent i have seen 12 has gone,are they all going?..

  2. Swissdave 79 months ago | reply

    Yup, the whole lot - apart from 1,2 and 3 (which seem to be destined to survive as an exit from the Underground towards Hyde Park), and maybe also the small underpass at 10. I think there is a genberal policy to fill in underpasses wherever possible (which in some cases leads to some rather long and awkwardly timed pedestrian crossings - see for example the five-lane crossing at the roundabout at Hyde Park Corner). The pedestrian crossings that will replace them are more or less finished now.

    I'm not too sure what happens to the car park - 5 would, I suspect, have to stay as a strange sort of mini subway (as there's not really any other way out of the place!).

  3. Cairlinn 73 months ago | reply

    My plan would be to pedestrianise the whole area!

  4. Swissdave 51 months ago | reply

    Now that the works are complete, it turns out that 1,2 and 3 have survived (but have been incorporated into the Tube station, with new gates at exit 3 - which should stop tranps sleeping there at night). Thw tunnel between 3 and 5 has been filled in, but the crossing between 5 and 6 remains (presumably as it'd be hard to cross Park Lane there without them). The entire western section (8-14) has gone, but the toilets remain (rather strangely - in an isolated section of subway that's effectively a big hole only accessible by stairs).

    Then fountains have been repaired (after vbeing broken for over a decade) and there are some rather good sculptures in the square above. All in all it;s quite a good result and has certainly made the area a lot more popular with pedestrians and people looking for somewhere to eat a sandwich at lunch. I think there is a further stage (not yet started) whereby a cafe gets in stalled on the square in front of the Marble Arch itself.

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