Break the Bank (6/365)

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Inspired by my housing search. Those who follow me on Twitter might remember me sulking about how much cheaper it would be to live in Richmond. Now there's a blog post to go with it. Bottom line: D.C. living is expensive.

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  1. Toni McLellan 64 months ago | reply

    This is why we're out in the boonies; 4 bedroom house on a huge lot in a great little town. But we can have Chicago any time we want it.

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  2. americanfrog 64 months ago | reply

    Try living in NY. :/

  3. katbaro 64 months ago | reply

    Hey, we moved from San Francisco to Minneapolis & one of the reasons was the cost of housing

  4. tsallam 64 months ago | reply

    I trust you didn't actually have to break that lovely piggy bank for this shot. And yeah, we often have to compromise on something. But we usually manage to make the choice work. Or am I just being an optimist?

  5. michele cat 64 months ago | reply

    Tell me about it. Long Island is becoming more and more a financial burden. Nice shot, though!

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  6. swimparallel 64 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the comments!

    A... a lot? You have a yard? Tell me... what's it like to own a tiny slice of nature? I dream about it sometimes.

    Wow. I can imagine that if anywhere beats out D.C., it's New York.

    Have you been happy with the tradeoff?

    I think you're an optimist, but that's healthier anyway! Can I steal some of that positive outlook?

  7. John L. Newland 64 months ago | reply

    boy, do i feel you on this one!

  8. Ks of W 64 months ago | reply

    Detroit has some pretty good sales going on right now....

  9. swimparallel 64 months ago | reply

    Solidarity, my friend.

    I noticed. Sadly, the job postings weren't nearly as plentiful.

  10. Toni McLellan 64 months ago | reply

    Well, I'm like the world's laziest landscaper so I'm not sure! But we have a row of really old pine trees taller than our house, which was built in 1937, and I absolutely adore them and look at them from my home office window daily. Fell in love with this house the moment I walked inside, too. I think there are swankier, more happening places to live for sure, but for where we're at, being able to have a low mortgage in a place with great schools was a priority. We didn't want to be poor because of a house payment since we were already student-loan poor lol.

  11. Chanchito Adventures! 56 months ago | reply

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  12. lucile.sourdes 48 months ago | reply


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