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4th grade | by swelldesigner
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4th grade

Mrs. Jamison was my teacher. I always thought Jamison was a cool last name.


They had the smiley face system for discipline. You got 5 smiley faces a day. You lost one if you forgot to do your homework, didn't listen, misbehaved, or talked during class. After 3 you missed recess (a schoolwide rule), but Mrs. Jamison made us miss recess (and sit during that time in front of the principal's office to be gawked at) for getting just one smiley face marked off. I only got them for not doing my homework. Most the time, I went through all week without missing any.


My best friend was Jessica W. She moved away in 6th grade to live with her grandparents in San Francisco and dissed me in the 6th grade when she came back to visit. I think she's a Dr. in California now.


I remember I had to sit by a girl named Angela Christian on the bus during a field trip. She was considered the gross girl in class (mainly cause she was poor - but I remember she also ate her boogers). I remember thinking she was actually pretty cool after the trip. Too bad people made fun of her.


This kid, Jamie Ralph, would always stick pencils into his arm and do "Jackass" like things. I always thought it was disgusting.


The big thing to do while waiting for the bus in the afternoons was setting up dominoes and knocking them down.

That was the coolest thing at the time.


I remember asking for a new bedroom set for Christmas and drawing a picture of it up on the bulletin board. Mine kinda stood out from the video games and Barbies that everyone else asked for.


The bad kid in class was Josh Alford. He would lose 5 smiley faces a day on a daily basis.


I'm pretty sure every girl in class had a crush on Zach Lake


This is the year I realized that I wasn't very good at science when I got my first C ever on my report card.


There was another 4th grade teacher named Ms. Riggs who I always thought was soooo old. She was kinda mean to her class and really didn't like kids. I think she actually had a disease like Parkinson's. Her mom came to help her with her classes (I remember her mom looked younger than she did). She was always falling down in the hall, Ms. Riggs, that is. Looking back, that is kinda sad,


Yeah, that's pretty much all I remember.

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Taken on January 9, 2008