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Nara Ears, LEGS & Tail by Sweet Thing. | by Sweet Thing.
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Nara Ears, LEGS & Tail by Sweet Thing.

AAAAAA! Finally! The Nara Legs are out!! <3

Sizes include Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, and .... LEGACY!


Nara LEGS, Ears & Tail out NOW at the Mainstore. ♥





Your hoof size is determined by your FOOT SIZE slider; so you can use a higher number for a more stylized look, make teeny tiny petite hooves, or anywhere in between. Example:


LEGS Texture HUD:

42 leg fur options

25 hoof + dewclaws

alpha mode toggle


COPY / MOD! Of course!


Each leg is a separate face, so you can make your legs asymmetrical with your own textures. Kit includes 2 base gray textures (with and without markings), painted masks, 2 types of gradients, and the UV map.





The tail features BRAND NEW ANIMATIONS based on the videos I took in Nara (twitchy, more realistic) along with some creative liberties inspired by other short n' stubby tails. (WIGGLY BUTTS! )


Ears: 7 positions + non-rigged

Tails: 7 lengths + 2 non-rigged w/ slightly different shapes


They both come with big modding kits that include the normal UV + medium gray base PLUS masks for easier markings. MOD/COPY of course! ♥




Inspired by one of my favorite parts of our trip to Japan last year, Nara!! There is NOTHING like being swarmed by a huge group of adorable deer. It was SOOO fun and inspiring. I knew I had to make a deer/faun set when I got home. I'm glad I finally had the chance.





BTW! If you're also a Genus user, this is a helpful tool to plug your ear holes (until that update comes out.) This is what I use.


Recommended Outfits:

I love the way this looks with Celeste ♥


Or for a less high fantasy look, check out Sylvia, it just fits!


Ears Ad Credits:

Genus Classic head, my own shape, and Stealthic hair "Cascade".




Yes, Legacy.. Surprise!! They contacted me directly with permission to make these kinds of body mods, so we're in the clear, fam.


If you purchased both the Nara Ears and the Nara Tail at Equal10 when they were first released, send me an IM after you purchase the legs. I will send you a discount in the form of a partial refund. ♥




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Taken on March 16, 2020