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Bento Neko Tail by Sweet Thing. | by Sweet Thing.
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Bento Neko Tail by Sweet Thing.

>> January 5th Update:

Got rid of the deformer bugs! All deformers work smoothly and consistently now.

ALSO, added a menu-based animation system for people who don't want to use the AO.




This tail includes a tail-only AO (Animation Override) that can be worn alongside your regular AOs, a Static Pose HUD for taking pictures, AND menu-driven animations if you prefer.


This tail also comes equipped with a large fatpack customization HUD with fur, ribbon, and metal colors, AS WELL as a full perm base texture for color modding.




REMEMBER that Bento is brand new and we haven't mastered the technology yet. Remember when fitted mesh was brand new and everyone had lumpy butts? This product will continue to be improved upon as we all figure out how to best create for Bento. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and so is your patience. :)




Please note that you need a Bento enabled viewer for this product to work properly, so if you don't plan to update, don't buy this. No refunds. (The latest SL viewer and Firestorm viewers work! ♥)


There are 5 deformers in this package, for different tail lengths. You will need to try them on and see which you like more; some will look smoother than others based on your shape.

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Taken on December 15, 2016