Police Platter

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These cookies are probably the largest set I have made in a hurry. There are approximately four and a half dozen here. I started baking at seven in the evening because I HAD to go pick of some furniture yesterday out of town and it turned into a long trip...Anyway, two and a half hours of decorating after the baking, plus about an hour this morning adding the finishing touches with my food color pen out me in at right about 4 1/2 hours total decorating and baking time. Although I don't hate these, I had much grander plans for these that didn't pan out because I didn't prioritize very well. Most notably, I would change the handcuff chain design. But I will save that for next time. Moral of the story, don't wait until seven in the evening to start on a batch of cookies, LOL!

That said, these were for a man who is graduating from the police accademy today.

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  1. kneadacookie 56 months ago | reply

    4 1/2 hrs?!?!? i wish i could finish in that amount of time. i just finished 65 baby shower cookies. baking and decorating ran me almost 10 hrs! love the guns! do yoou have cutters for everything?

  2. Glorious Treats 56 months ago | reply

    Yeah, I'm thinking it takes me 4 1/2 hours to make the dough and bake the cookies... You're a machine!!
    These are really awsome!! I'd love to know what you would do differently with the hand cuffs, since that is something I was thinking I'd try to copy. The little police cars are adorable too!

  3. steamboatwillie33 56 months ago | reply

    Wow ! You are Awesome !!

  4. SweetSugarBelle 56 months ago | reply

    If I were going to do the handcuffs again, Glory, I would pipe the outlines a little more specifically. They are a little half-assed (for lack of a better word) because I was rushing since I poked around all day. I would make individual circles ofr the links of the chain, and make the "void" in the links larger. also where the cuffs latch, I should have made the separation with black icing rather than my marker. Just for better definition. I used my food color marker a lot on these as a timesaver, because I can draw very quickly. I would have also started at a different angle, latch part to the north, key section facing south. The base is my bikini squished. I have a strong aversion to handcutting, LOL! Takes too long.

    I think I wasa little aggrivated with myself for not allowing myself the time I should have to create what was in my head. I was planning on waiting until today to pick up my furniture, but my hubby had conflicts, so I was going to just slip the trip in. But since town is so far away (80 miles) we ended up running to get the boys shoes, going to eat, running to Target and Old Navy and things like that. I wasn't worried until we were leaving at 5 and I was thinking oh, this is going to be a long night! Worked out okay though, hubby is amazing help and my mother-in-law (maybe the best MIL ever) had my house spic and span. She alwasy does that when she sits the kids.

    Ond anybody who is amazed at my speed, I have to tell you, bun pan racks and oscillating fans are your BEST friends!

  5. sugarpacketchad 56 months ago | reply

    This Amazing Work Was Seen In :

    sugar, sugar, sugar

  6. SweetSugarBelle 56 months ago | reply

    Knead a cookie, sorry I don't know your first name, but I would love too...anyway, I dod have a lot of cutters, but just as soon as I think I have them all, another comes up. So I always try to multi-purpose the ones I have. The cuffs are an extra bikini I had, reshaped. I actually really dont like handcutting, so the most I try to do is cut and trim. I will handcut if necessary, but I try hard to avoid it! Most of the time if I use a cutter for another purpose I try to notate it on the pic!

  7. kneadacookie 56 months ago | reply

    guess that explains why it takes me twice as long. i hate cutting out by hand, but i make so many differetn designs that are all so specific.
    i'm such a HUGE fan of your work. one of these days i'm going to have to attempt a platter(yeah right..in my spare time). with 5 kids 3 soccer schedules, 2 hockey schedules, girl scouts, cookies and work there is no spare time...blah

  8. cookieartisan 56 months ago | reply

    Callye - you ROCK!!! I sat there in awe just thinking how little time it took for you to create that felon stopping tray!!! I cannot do things that fast and sometimes I swear it takes me 4-1/2 hours just to make dough, cut and bake -even with my huge oven that takes full size coookie sheets!!! You are soooo amazing. Everyone who saw those cookies thinks you spent 3 days making them and wouldn't know the different if your details were in marker or icing. They just kept saying WOW - WOW - WOOOOOWWWWWW!!! You need to share your quick cookie decorating tips so the rest of us can be more productive!!!

  9. death by cupcake 56 months ago | reply

    No way! I can't believe I just read that. I just finished spending about 12 hours doing 20 cookies and I hate them. These look fantastic!!! So jealous!!

  10. Chapix Cookies 56 months ago | reply

    I'm AWE, you are faster!!! Your experience surpasses barriers, simply AMAZING!!! as I said, you are becoming a MASTER!! :D

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