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    FYI: I don't mind images being used elsewhere if they are properly attributed/linked back.


    Red velvet raspberry cake with
    French vanilla cream cheese frosting and a chocolate brain

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    1. Dot D 57 months ago | reply

      Really fun! I'll be linking on

    2. xsomnis 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks all for the kind words!

    3. Sew In Stitches is Becky 57 months ago | reply

      A zombie movie is what brought my Hubby and I together -first date! I gotta make these for an anniversary!! Thanks!!

    4. xsomnis 57 months ago | reply

      hope to see pictures, tigerdeaconmom!

    5. venetialouise 57 months ago | reply

      these are awesome! might try them for halloween

    6. soraia_bejinhos 57 months ago | reply

      these are fantastic! the brains are such a great idea!! genius!

    7. Meffi 57 months ago | reply

      That's so cool! :D

    8. Skräp 57 months ago | reply

      ohh perfect for halloween!

    9. Sharmanizzle 56 months ago | reply

      Those are awesome and will play so well into my Zombie Themed Halloween party this year!!!!!!! Thanks for posting.

    10. BallsMcLongcock 55 months ago | reply

      These are really cool! I would never have thought of something like this.
      :D good job.

    11. Vox Feminista 46 months ago | reply

      Awesome! So did you make the chocolate brains? Or did you buy them somewhere?

    12. robin 123 45 months ago | reply

      Those are some amazing cupcakes, I love the glossy look.

    13. ♥ Natalie 44 months ago | reply

      Just how did you make them?
      I'd love to try them out one Halloween.

    14. Hino2421 35 months ago | reply

      I'm wishing to make a cool zombie/horror cake page and would love to include this. Wanted to make sure I checked first for permission.
      So if you could let me know asap that would be great. Thanks so much.
      Pip :)

    15. xsomnis 35 months ago | reply


      I have no problem with you using the photo on your cake page as long as proper credit/link back is provided. I appreciate that you asked!


    16. Hino2421 34 months ago | reply

      Hi Pamela, thanks for permission... you can find it here...

    17. donewithdogs 19 months ago | reply

      Great idea.... where's the recipe? I'd like to make them for Walking dead season premier tonight....

    18. xsomnis 18 months ago | reply


      Here's a link to a set I created a few years ago stepping through my process for creating brains/blood.

      I just used a slightly modified red velvet boxed cake mix.The cream cheese frosting recipe was nearly identical to this recipe:

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