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Slussen area in Stockholm, Södermanland, Sweden

Slussen area in the southern part of Stockholm city. The cloverleaf roundabout, designed by the architect Tage William-Olsson, was inaugurated in 1935. The two wooden towers to the right in the picture were used for aircraft warning service during the Second World War. View towards the Old Town.


Slussen på Södermalm i Stockholm. Den klöverbladsformade trafikkarusellen, skapad av arkitekten Tage William-Olsson, invigdes 1935. De två trätornen till höger i bilden användes för luftbevakning under andra världskriget. Vy mot Gamla stan.


Parish (socken): Stockholm

Province (landskap): Södermanland

Municipality (kommun): Stockholm

County (län): Stockholm


Photograph by: Fredrik Bruno

Date: 1945

Format: Colour slide


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Taken sometime in 1945