Research as Art 2016 - winners
These fourteen stunning images, and the fascinating stories behind them, are the winners of the 2016 Research as Art competition.

The competition celebrates the diversity and beauty of research at Swansea University – a top 30 research university - and the creativity and impact of its researchers.

The judging panel was made up of senior figures from the Royal Institution, and

The overall winner is Heather Hunter-Crawley from the College of Arts and Humanities, with her "Mirror of Heaven: Byzantine Silverware in Use.

Her research explores the important value and meaning of religious artefacts in use, and how ritual engages human nature across cultures. While its heritage is fractured by war, asking these questions of Byzantine Syria becomes ever more pressing.

Competition founder Dr Richard Johnston, senior lecturer in materials science at Swansea University, said:

“Research as Art is an opportunity for researchers to reveal their personal story, their humanity, their inspiration, and emotion. It can also be a way of presenting their research process, and what it means to be a researcher; fostering dialogue, and dissolving barriers between universities and the wider world.”
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