2013 Runner-up: ' Reflections of older people’s mobility', Charles Musselwhite (Centre for Innovative Ageing)

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    "The most derogatory and negative stereotype of older people is captured in this UK road sign, depicting 'elderly persons' as hunched over, hobbling along with a walking stick, the female clutching at the male for support.

    This is far from the reality I find in my research with older people, where I have found mobility in later life is full of diversity and older people are far more likely to be fit and healthy and actively engaged with life on many levels, meaning mobility is very important.

    I reflect on this by continually attempting to supersede the road sign with a repeated vision of one of my participants driving, reflecting the importance of driving in later life and how it’s linked to health and wellbeing, but also highlighting how old negative stereotypes remain; after all, the depiction of the hunched over 'elderly' couple still dominates."

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