West Wind Blowing Ill

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    Fisk Generating Plant still spewing mercury and what-not over our fair city…

    According to recent EPA figures, Fisk and Crawford emit 269 pounds of mercury; 17,765 tons of sulfur dioxide; and 260,000 pounds of soot each year.

    In 2007, the plants emitted five million metric tons of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that plays a significant role in climate change. That’s the equivalent of over 800,000 automobiles.

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    1. angelnfreefall 38 months ago | reply

      Somehow you've managed to make it lovely in spite of all that.

    2. sparkyluck 38 months ago | reply

      Living in Pilsen, I can say that there is something "different" about the tap water & the rain water.

      Gorgeous shot !!!

    3. Perfesser_Bear 38 months ago | reply

      Good day! I am an admin for the Flickr group Stacked, and we would appreciate having your photo added to the pool.

      Beautiful, I love the way the sunset highlights the toxins...

      The local coal-burning plant in the Hartford South Meadows, one of the Connecticut Sooty Six, is a real oddity. In the 1930s, it used mercury as its heat exchange fluid. Imagine a leak in a high-pressure mercury vapor system!


    4. jmogs 38 months ago | reply

      Great stuff Seth. I used the pic, with attribution of course, in today's Chicagoist post on Chicago's highest carbon emitters:
      Keep up the continued phenomenal work!

    5. swanksalot 38 months ago | reply

      Cool, thanks, Josh!

    6. swanksalot 37 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Josh, Google Alerts didn't find any of these, so I would have missed the usage without your links. Appreciate it.

    7. roderick.burger1 12 months ago | reply

      Hi, I used your photo in our blog about the threats of the ocean: www.krnwtr-drinkkraanwater.nl/13-bedreigingen-en-oplossin...

    8. swanksalot 12 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the notice, and interesting article by the way (what I could glean from Google Translate; my Dutch is horrible)

    9. swanksalot 9 months ago | reply

      thanks, Josh!

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