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    E85 for sale, at what cost?
    An end run on Ethanol

    1. davidteter 91 months ago | reply

      Very, very good point Seth.
      You gotta pay attention to the total sum of all the consumables/etc. when talking about energy. Making ethanol from corn involves all the energy to make the fertilizers, petro for insecticide, tractor fuel and ethanol distribution, and all the pollution that comes up along the way.

      For instance, the last time I looked (some time ago) it took more energy to create a solar cell than you ever got back from the cell over it's lifetime.

      Nuclear energy is the greenest energy. Heh-heh. :D

    2. jshueh 91 months ago | reply

      Just curious if you remember. What was the price (per gallon) of E85 vs. 87 octane this particular day?

      A good article on Ethanol is found here too

    3. Andy Marfia 91 months ago | reply

      Consumer Reports did a good article about E85 last month, debunking it on several different levels. Didn't realize it was being sold in Chicago. That must be new.

    4. swanksalot 91 months ago | reply

      I don't recall exactly how much it was selling for, but I think in the $2.80 range. Gas station across from Graceland Cemetery. I've added a geo-link (map link, whatever)

    5. AsiaIsGreen 80 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing the photo. We're using it for our website and credited to you at

    6. swanksalot 80 months ago | reply

      thanks for letting me know, but the link is apparently broken.

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