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Lenfald Elite Forerunner Troop - GC XIV - Restricted | by The Corner Builder
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Lenfald Elite Forerunner Troop - GC XIV - Restricted

Built for Global Challenge XIV on Merlin's Beard Forum.

The Cream of the Crop


Known as the Lenfald Elite Forerunner Troop, or LEFT as the scribes like to abbreviate it, this is a group of the top athletes in Lenfald. They are drawn from all walks of life and new members are chosen every year as needed following a week of varied games held near Stonewald on the shores of Everlyn's Tears Lake. Many consider the Forerunners, or Harbingers as they refer to themselves, to be loose arrows who are just asking to be killed. For this reason parents discourage their over eager offspring from considering a career as one of Adrian Windsprinter's trouble hunters.


Most of the Harbingers are in fact adrenaline junkies with a great love for the hunt and unlimited patience and self control. Those traits may not seem to go together, but in this case they work wonderfully well. The Harbingers are led by one Adrian Windsprinter from Dragonsmouth. He goes by the title Lead Forerunner and under him there are Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Forerunners. Everyone else is simply called Forerunner.


Forerunners are Lenfald's primary military scouts who concentrate on finding out what the enemy is doing and reporting it as quickly as possible. They work closely with the Scout Snipers and there is a standing wager on who can sneak closest to the enemy position and get the most detailed information. Unlike the Scout Snipers, Forerunners do not carry weapons. Many Forerunners carry small knives, but they rely on stealth and speed for their protection. Sometimes Harbingers will be used as a distraction to lure an enemy force into chasing them. They are expert at staying just far enough away to not get hit, but too close to ignore.

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