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The Fruit of Their Labor | by The Corner Builder
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The Fruit of Their Labor

Willan Millson is an independent adventurous young man who wants to see the world; even the parts that are unfriendly to Lenfels. His betrothed, Sif, feels the same way. So when it was announced that the Great Western Isles where open for colonization and that adventurous young people were needed, they started making plans. They made plans for earning and saving money. They calculated how long it would be before they had enough for passage on a ship with enough left over to equip a small farmstead. If they started saving right away and lived very simply after they were married they could move to Fýrdraca in ten years. But their village had other ideas.


One year later. . .


Willan and Sif are relaxing under the grape vines in the swing a neighbor gave them shortly after they arrived on Fýrdraca. The two are talking quietly about things that need to be done in the next week to maintain their vineyard. On the path in front of them their puppy Apo is playing with the bone he found by the stream. It did not take them ten years to achieve their dream, all it took was getting married.


It turned out that their little village as just as exited as they were to go adventuring. Most of them just didn't want to do it personally. So when Sif's parents started a collection to finance the only two people who actually wanted to go, they were very well received. Almost everyone was willing to give something, just so they had bragging rights that they had helped send the miller's youngest and his wife to the new land. And the biggest wonder of all was that entire village managed to keep this a secret from the couple until their wedding day.


On that day was held the biggest party in a generation. Fatted calves were slaughtered. Whole pigs were slow roasted. And at the end of it all, after the vows had been exchanged, came the big reveal. The newest married couple in town was being sent on the journey of their dreams to the newest isle claimed by Lenfald, Fýrdraca and the city of Abnerburgh.


So it is that one year after their marriage Willan and Sif are happily relaxing in their thriving vineyard, living their dream.


Built for the continuing global challenge in Lands of Rowia over on Merlin's Beard Forum.

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Taken on October 26, 2017