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we're not questioning God. just those he chose to carry on His cross

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"Feels like you're miles from here,

in other towns with lesser names.

Where the unholy ghost doesn't tell

Mary or William exactly what they want to hear.

You remember the house on Ridge Road

told you and the Devil to both just leave me alone.

If this is salvation, I can show you the trembling.

You'll just have to trust me. I'm scared.


I am the patron saint of lost causes.

Aren't we all to you just near lost causes?

Aren't we all to you just lost


Tommy, you left behind

something that will mean everything right before you die.

What if you gained the whole world?

You've already lost four little souls from your life.

Widows and orphans aren't hard to find.

They're home missing daddy who's saving the abandoned tonight.

Wish your drinking would hurry and kill you.

Sympathy's better than having to tell you the truth.


That you are the patron saint of lost causes.

All you are to them is now a lost cause.

All you are to them is now, causes.


Billy, don't you understand?

Timothy stood as long as he could and now

you made his faith disappear.

More like a magician and less like a man of the cloth.

We're not questioning God.

Just those he chose to carry on His cross.

We're no better, you'll see.

Just all of us, the lost causes.


Aren't we all to you just lost causes?

Are we all to you lost?

Lost causes

So all we are to you,

Is all we are, is all we are

All we are is all we are


Patron Saint, are we all lost like you?


Take what you will and leave.

Could you kill, could you kill me

If the world was on fire

and nothing was left but hope or desire

And take all that I could require, is this love?

Or am I on the floor over-desperate?

Hold hands streaming of blood again?

And then take full weight of me

Guard my dreams, figure this out,

It's me on my own. Helpless, hurting, hell.

Will you stay strong as you promised?

Cause I'm stranded and bare.

Meanness is washed up and all that I have

is God. Take this and all,

Then grace takes me to a place

Of the father you never had

Ripping and breaking and tearing apart

This is not heaven

This is my hell."


Song: Fin

Played by: Anberlin


Heard this song coming home tonight, and while alot of the words are of Stephen Christian's own personal life experiences, the message and meaning behind this song hit me pretty hard, so i figured instead of going out and ruining it with a self portrait again, ill just do my regular post for today and share the song so you can listen and see if you like it or not. its basically about the dangers of putting your hope in wolves wearing sheep's clothes, and the last few lines are about the pain of purification and the suffering he endured for his faith.


This is another shot from the "secret" spot that John and i went to last week. have a great tuesday everyone!

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Taken on December 20, 2009