Johann Habermann "Christliche Gebet" prayer book (1713)
This was a book conservation treatment done for a "Bind-O-Rama", organized by the Bonefolder journal.

I am a professional book conservator. The ideas expressed herein are mine and mine alone, and are not the ideas of the greater bookbinding or conservation community, unless you think this is really neat, in which case you should say so and we can be internet friends. Some of these ideas expressed herein may even be somewhat radical and/or awesome and/or disturbing. This book is for novelty purposes only, and is not to be taken internally (or personally). Take as directed. In case of choking, please remind yourself that this is a Bind-O-Rama, this is only a Bind-O-Rama. In the event that this were a "real conservation treatment", the Mylar spine could have been replaced with Moriki tissue in a nice color to match the original cover paper, and I probably could have a non-exposed sewing (exposed sewing is a misdemeanor in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana). No books, pets, children, bookworms, feelings or careers were harmed in the making of this project. Please do not attempt this at home, unless you have a conservation lab or book bindery in your basement, in which case I am jealous.

More information about this project can be found on my blog:
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