Koi And Ponds
I love to meditate on koi ponds. They move with such graceful energy -each so unique. Their color, patterns and shape command my attention like sculpture.

My current body of work Under, In And Over; A Reflected Water Series considers the plane where nature and urban elements merge and become abstract. These paintings are based on photographs I have taken during extensive visits to Portland’s Japanese Garden and Lan Su Chinese Garden. They both have large koi ponds and I seek out koi where e the garden structures or city elements are reflected in the water. I spend much time observing and meditating on koi swimming gracefully amongst the “floating” skyscrapers, pagoda’s, clouds and foliage.

After creating a composition based on my photograph and minds eye, I draw on my canvas and work quickly to block in all areas with oil paint. As I develop my image and the surface with brush and palette knife, I ‘m prone to apply impasto medium mixed with dried paint I’ve recycled by scraping off my glass palette. I also may paint alla prima and at other times utilizes my own version of glazing.
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