Day 3 - People vs Fossil Fuels - Climate chaos is happening now - October 13
Protests At White House Call on Biden to Declare A Climate Emergency

Third day of “People vs. Fossil Fuels” focuses on the need to stop fossil fuel projects to avoid catastrophic climate impacts

Washington, D.C. -- Demonstrators returned to the White House on Wednesday morning for the third day of the People vs. Fossil Fuels mobilization which is pressuring President Biden to declare a climate emergency and stop all new fossil fuel projects.

Under a giant banner that read “Biden: Our Communities Can’t Wait,” dozens of people sat-in on Pennsylvania Avenue, risking arrest for the third straight day.

The third day of the mobilization was designed to draw attention to the devastating climate impacts that are hitting communities across the United States and the urgent need to stop fossil fuel production in order to avert further catastrophe.

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