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Mirrored Amusement

This is the entrance to the famous Luna Park in Sydney, Australia. I had seen a picture of this place a while back when I was researching Australia. Actually, I only saw the face and thought that it was so very peculiar. I put this on the list of things to visit and didn't actually get around to it until my last day as there are just so many wonderful places to visit in Sydney and the surrounding area. In preparation for my trip, on the flight over, I actually sketched out a few of the shots I might shoot, trying to think of what would make a compelling scene. Knowing that it might actually be rainy for a bit of time as it's winter in Australia now and the forecast was rather gloomy, I wondered if I might be able to enhance the scene with a reflection in various puddles of water. I had actually pre-visualized a very similar shot to this, only at night in the rain instead of sunset. This day was honestly very sunny and I never saw a drop of rain, though I had been quite a way East on the coast. But for some reason when I got to this spot, either it had just dumped rain just a short time prior or there had been some kind of groundskeeping malfunction. I couldn't believe my luck! Not even thinking twice, I literally laid on the ground to get this lower perspective and refection of the face. It was hilarious, people actually gathered around me, probably thinking that I was having a seizure or getting ready to show off some wicked break dance moves. Ironically, they all stopped walking and got out of my way for the shot. Double lucky!


Knowing that I had a shot, I became rather intrigued by Luna Park and wanted to find out more about its history. I also remember hearing that we used to have a Luna Park in Seattle, Washington back in the early 1900's (1907-1913). To be honest, I thought that it was a complete coincidence that there was also a Luna Park in Sydney and was really drawn to the location due to the striking face and lights you could see across from the Circular Quay in Sydney Harbor. After a quick search on the interwebz and looking up the history, I found that there have actually been many Luna Parks scattered throughout the world. The first of which was in Coney Island, New York which many of heard of! In fact, Luna Park now actually directly translates to "amusement park" in several languages (Dutch, German, Bulgarian, Greek, Italian, Turkish and Hebrew). To learn a bit more about that this Luna Park and the over 40 other amusement parks scattered throughout the world that bear the same name, check out Wikipedia.


Looking forward to catching up on folks streams now that I'm back in the swing of things after being gone for an extended photo vacation. Hope you all have a fantastic week!

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Taken on May 29, 2010