Intergalactic Bus Tunnel

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

When I first stepped out of the elevator and entered the underground bus tunnel in the downtown Pioneer Square district of Seattle, I couldn't believe my eyes and had to pinch myself. It was as if I had been beamed aboard a ship bound for space travel! The infusion of science fiction inspired artistic style and contemporary architecture in this place is truly something to be marveled.

Pioneer Square Station's distinctive arched ceiling is quite a contrast from the sharp, square lines of more conventional bus stations, appearing more like a space-age cathedral. Architect Jerry McDevitt designed the station with lead artist Kate Ericson. Under Third Avenue between Cherry Street and Yesler Way, Pioneer Square Station is perched on the edge of the historic Pioneer Square District and within a block of major government buildings. The station design uses many of the arched forms and materials from the surrounding neighborhood. In addition to the Metro bus system, the station will now also be home to the new Seattle Link Light Rail train system that connects Downtown Seattle to Sea-Tac airport initially and will expand its coverage to additional neighborhoods in the future.

To capture the truly other-worldly feel of this place, I combined 9 exposures together to capture all of the detail in the shadows and highlights. You've really got to see this one large to fully appreciate it!

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  1. moog55 53 months ago | reply

    better late than never. been slammed with work as you know. wow, this is a great take on the shot. interesting we came up with completely different approaches here. i like this a lot. it's got a futuristic/industrial feel to it. i want to go back there again sometime and shoot from the ground level of the bus.

  2. Boris Mitendorfer Photography 52 months ago | reply

    Stunning perspective and processing!

  3. 5ERG10 52 months ago | reply

    amazing view. well done for winning the contest!
    that looks like a cool group, when you receive more invites, i'd love to join too ;-)

  4. Wolfgang Bartelme 52 months ago | reply

    This image is awesome!
    We would love to have this in our group.

    Please join our group Viva HDR

    *** {Viva HDR} ***

  5. o palsson 52 months ago | reply

    A truly stunning image. Great work!

  6. venetiakelley 52 months ago | reply

    Interesting. Look's like something out of "men In Black".

  7. Angel Covacho 50 months ago | reply

    Very good picture!

  8. caratomate 46 months ago | reply

    What settings do you use for Photomatix?

  9. Lee Saborío 46 months ago | reply

    This is redonkulously cool!

  10. Jersey JJ 41 months ago | reply

    Far out. I love it!

  11. Arcplusone 41 months ago | reply

    Did you use HDR? =/

  12. Craig Damlo 41 months ago | reply

    Great shot, I love the HDR effect.

  13. Doug Felts 41 months ago | reply

    Congrats on the Gizmodo coverage! I'm gonna have to go reshoot it; my version was not nearly as cool as yours!

  14. Over-the-River 41 months ago | reply

    Very Impressive

  15. Not Our Kids! 39 months ago | reply

    Normally. I dont really feel HDR photos. But yours are bangin' dude! Good work on the tunnerl

  16. kaprphish 35 months ago | reply

    So what's HDR? I don't get it.

  17. kris.meaney 17 months ago | reply

    I cant help but notice in both of your shots of this station, there are no buses or people... What time did you take this, I just dont know how you got them free of people. There is always at least a security guard there, I dont know how you did it. After seeing your shot, I went there and tried to get something like yours but just couldnt. This is amazing, I love it! Please let me know what time you did this without any people, that is awesome!

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