Toa Sitary
Normally the Su-Matoran are male, but Sitary was made as a prototype for the Matoran of Plasma, and was programmed to be female. She was placed on the island by Great Beings, who forgot about her gender, with the other Su-Matoran. Once a tall, muscular warrior came to the island, and said his home was overrun by horrible spider-like creatures and most of his friends died. The Turaga of the island renamed the warrior to Tobduk, and set Sitary, who was an adventurer, to help him find a new place, where he can mourn and eventually start a new life. They went to the Southern Continent, where she parted ways with Tobduk (whom Axonn offered a membership in the Order of Mata Nui to revenge his species' tragedy) and met with the rebuilt Matoran of Voya Nui.

Some centuries later, Sitary found a Toa Stone and transformed into a Toa. She left the island before Voya Nui broke off, and was assigned to defend Xia from pirates with a team of Toa. There she acquired a Jetpack with a set a small wings, and her weapons.

Sitary wears the great Mask of Possibilities, carries a dual headed Plasma Axe and a Plasma Shield.

Her jetpack and wings allow her to fly, her Plasma Axe is a special dual-headed weapon, that can split into two. Her Plasma Shield was carved out of protosteel, and has the power to generate an elemetal energy field around its wielder via the additional blades on the shield.
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