2012: Bulgaria, EEA workshop
NGO programme - Bulgaria, under the EEA Financial Mechanism: Official launch and bilateral workshop for sharing good practice on partnership development. In addition to images covering the official program, images of select social activities are also included.
Location and date: Sofia, Bulgaria, 21-22 November 2012.

Notes: (1) Names of participants are listed under each image, to the extent known. There may be mistakes or omissions, so please send correct information about: (a) image file name(s) and (b) person's position in the image(s) as counted from the left, to this address: mail@supras.biz. Alternatively, you can provide this information in the comment field under each image; (2) Images are available also at: www.facebook.com/ngogrants.bg.
Lars Soeftestad
CEO, Supras Ltd.
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