2010: Romania, primary school 2
I received a special invitation to visit the school in Panaci (I had already visited it some months earlier). It was all a secret, but I was given to understand that it was something very special. Which indeed it was! The pupils, in two separate groups, put on a very special show:
(1) First I visited a group of very young pupils that was engaged in traditional homecrafts, and they presented me with how all this crafts were done. They were dressed in colorful and impressive traditional costumes from Panaci. Sadly, most of these crafts are not maintained today, and so all the costumes are very old, handed down through the generations. But it appeared that the pupils nonetheless enjoyed doing this, accompanied by stories of old days. In effect, this seemed to function as much as sharing and learning about history and traditional culture as doing traditional crafts. At the end they all performed a selfmade song-and-dance about the various crafts, part of which is available on a brief video clip.
(2) Another and older group of students put on a very old and traditional costume show, based on old legends that still are alive.
Date: 27 January 2010.

Note: Images from a visit in November 2009 are also available.
Lars Soeftestad
CEO, Supras Ltd.
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