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(1) IASC, 11th biannual conference, Ubud, Bali. Paper, Regulating the Commons in Mauritania: Local Agreements as a Tool for Sustainable Natural Resource Management, co-authored with Karl Peter Kirsch-Jung (GTZ, Mauritania). Time: 18-23 June 2006.

(2) Study mission of a recovery and reconstruction project in Banda Aceh, Sumatra, implemented by the Church World Service (CWS) Indonesia, following the December 2004 tsunami. I visited small projects in and around Meulaboh that organize groups of people in groups that are given training and inputs. The activities included fishing (fishing boats were constructed with support from the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), organic farming (a group of women producing small red chilis was, in particular, interesting), fish tackle production, and sowing. In discussions with the local people and with CWS staff, I presented constructive views on the activities, and suggested alternative approaches and new foci. Time: July 2006.