345 Assault Engine
The first of it's kind, the 345 Assault CAT engine was developed by Indmar in cooperation with Supra Boats to perform and protect when pulling wake making sports. A specially designed air-oil separator prevents oil induction to the PCV during monster wakesurfing sessions. This Supra engine was engineered to help boat owners take full advantage of its 345 horsepower and amazing 370 ft-lbs of torque day after day on the water. Indmar along with Supra is leading wake boats to the future with a new power plant that is built for lasting performance, no matter how extreme the riding conditions.

Indmar 345 Assault CAT Standout Features

90amp alternator
Serpentine belt
Knock Sensors
Over-sized 7-quart oil pan with baffling
Precision tuned custom intake manifold
A top mount starter for protection and failure reduction
Valve train feature silent timing chain for added durability and positive inlet valve stem seals for reduced oil consumption
Composite front timing cover for noise reduction and corrosion protection
Air-Oil Separator to prevent oil induction into the PCV
Precision CNC machine billet aluminum pulleys
Stainless steel water lines, cylinder head gaskets, fuel injector tips and fuel rail for corrosion protection.
Roller valve lifters for reduced friction and improved performance.
New exhaust dumps to move water further downstream to protect the catalyst.
New injector design improves fuel injection reliability.

Visit your local Supra Boats dealer to test drive the new Indmar 345 Assault in a 2012 Supra today.
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