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Meme: 20 things about me | by Supernenek
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Meme: 20 things about me

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Thank you so much, friends! ;)


#1 - I hate false promises.


#2 - I don't like to take risks but sometimes it's the only way to make progress.


#3 - I need to lose weight but sweets are always there...


#4 - Now I'm reading "Storm of swords" ("Game of Thrones") George R. R. Martin knows how to play with my heart.


#5 - Maybe she's a bluff but I like Lana del Rey.


#6 - If you don't know me you could think I'm the most calm people in the world but I'm a bag of nerves.


#7 - I'm a compulsive t-shirt buyer.


#8 - I don't have driver's license but maybe it's time to change that.


#9 - Give me a camera and you will make me happy. However I know I should take photography courses in order to take better pics.


#10 - I used to draw comics and write short stories. I don't know why I stopped doing that because I remember that I loved the feeling when someone read it and told me that she/he enjoyed the experience.


#11 - My childhood is linked to my grandmother's house. I loved to imagine stories between those 4 walls.


#12 - Abandoned places always have a strange power over me.


#13 - I would like to have a framed butterfly collection.


#14 - I love horror games. Silent Hill ones are my favorites.


#15 - I need to decide which part of my body would be the perfect one for a tattoo. I received a tattoo work as a gift last january and I'm still thinking about it.


#16 - Australia would be the perfect place to my reincarnation because I don't think I could visit this wonderful country during this life.


#17 - Sunset and cuddles. Sounds great, doesn't it?


#18 - Tea is my official drink. Black tea with chocolate chips from Harrods is orgasmatical.


#19 - I'm so melancholic. Sometimes I can't stop thinking about the people that I used to know.


#20 - More info here and here.


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Taken on May 18, 2012