• what's in my bag / flickrversary 2
  • DS Lite
  • fake pencil stylus,
    my favest part of the set.
  • eraser looking
    soft screen cleaner.

    am sure i had the real thing as a kid
  • demin & khaki,
    killer 70's combo!

    Tombow x Mono x Hori
    stationery style set
  • 156 games on one GBA cartridge
  • the only reason i bought a DS Lite in the first place.

    current age 107
  • camera cartridge of Face Training.
  • sign of neglect. i am very sorry.


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as a kid, i think i may have had one Game & Watch and definitely no computer games, save Pong.

so getting a DS Lite was quite a revelation for me,
only did it (a few months ago now) after a friend, pK, showed me his and told me about Brain Age. omg!
also got myself a 156 in 1 game GBA cartridge to catch up on some of the stuff i had missed out on in my misspent youth.

am totally fascinated about Nintendo's position in the gaming industry and am impressed how they've seemed to stay true to their roots and just keep on coming up with interesting concepts.

as if one wasn't bowled over enough with Brain Age, when lo & behold, they come out with Face Training. so funny!

haven't done enough training on either games, sigh, as i'm too distracted keeping an eye out for accessories all the time, like this pencil case set, a collaboration between HORI and classic japanese stationer, Tombow.

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  1. velcroTABandthewalkman 89 months ago | reply

    Very cool.
    I had the thick, grey Gameboy with a few games my boyfriend gave me, way back when. Now, years later, I want a DS Lite and the Japanese game that helps you learn how to write Kanji. Fun, fun!
    Thanks. Happy flickrversary!

  2. superlocal 89 months ago | reply

    hope you get your DS soon! ^^

  3. shezzz 89 months ago | reply

    your eye=gr lens!haha:)

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