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I'm back, alright | by Superlekker
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I'm back, alright

So, please don't think because I bought a house and some fancy wallpaper, that I've gone all bourgeois and only put up pictures of houses and home-cooked meals. Or that I'm bogged down by wildly growing grass and hedges in my humongous garden (although that is partly true). I've just been working a lot. Firstly, on the house itself, and secondly, on paying for the house.


What you can see here is not my house, by the way. And as much as I would like to have a nuclear blast shelter in mine, they did not make them when the house was built.


What you can see here is the basement of my old secondary school, built in 1980. Because of its location in the former German Democratic Republic, newer school came with a rather sturdy shelter, and from the frequent drills I know that they managed to squeeze all 200-odd pupils in here. Schools of that type (a wonky "H" shape made from concrete) would usually have some kind of nuclear shelter, and the drills were a good opportunity to lecture about the class enemy and how safe we were in the Arbeiter-und Bauernstaat. I am not sure, though, if this would have protected from nuclear fallout over a prolonged period of time.


What you can see in the back is doors leading to a small decontamination room. In 9th and 10th grade, a few mates and found it made a cracking dark room, too. The school was closed a few years ago and is now derelict. My boyfriend never believed the bomb shelter stories, so I took the opportunity to take him on a light Urbex Outing.


Sadly, most places near me (Russian military airbase, few facories) have now been either trashed or pulled down. Next time, I need to do a bit more research as to what still stands. The school was very accessible as you can see from my rather unsuitable attire (dressed for a visit to grandma's house).


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Uploaded on September 3, 2012