Beware of the Catholics

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    First one to make it to Explore 27 October 2007 #129. Wouldn't say this is my best.

    Thanks for all your comments!

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    1. 4rank 91 months ago | reply

      Oh good God. Nice find, though.

    2. jaclynbailey 91 months ago | reply

      That is great! I love pictures of signs that make you think...." how sad that they have to say that..." Thank You for the belly laugh!

    3. Superlekker 91 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the comments and favourites! I love signs like this, and England is becoming an increasingly rewarding hunting ground.

      But I also feel slightly embarrassed a church has to put these signs out... small time crooks know no boundaries.

      Will keep my eyes peeled for more.

    4. MNKaren 91 months ago | reply

      I am so glad that I am an Episcopalian!

    5. smkybear 91 months ago | reply

      OM - stealing in church?? What is the world doing to the people??

    6. AA (Deleted) [deleted] 91 months ago | reply

      This is awfull how am I supposed to make a living if people go around putting up signs like this!

    7. Superlekker 91 months ago | reply

      I feel slightly embarrassed because I am Catholic... looking at the bright side, a perfectly good excuse for not receiving communion and therefore not going to confession.

    8. alwayscanadian 91 months ago | reply

      Shouldn't this be the one place to feel safe...

      I am too MNKaren!

    9. Superlekker 91 months ago | reply

      alwayscanadian: I agree! But this is Central London... its crowded, its attractive, its seemingly safe... but this doesn't extend to the churches...

    10. dragonlady from Texas 91 months ago | reply

      tsk is a shame what the world is coming tooo, but withthe cost of living these days

    11. Sweet_chicago1 91 months ago | reply

      lol ...boy who can u trust these days...

    12. Johnrlovett 90 months ago | reply

      Is this from St. Patrick's Soho Sq?

    13. Superlekker 90 months ago | reply

      Pretty certain it's St. Patricks. So, obey the rules when you confess there John R Lovett!

    14. sunshine indoors 88 months ago | reply

      brilliant stuff - i'll send this my dad who's fast becoming a raving extremist humanist

    15. Formerstormer 85 months ago | reply

      Actually my mother had her bag stolen in church once...made the front of the local paper under the headline "Is Nothing Sacred?"

    16. Superlekker 85 months ago | reply

      Formerstormer: yes that is pretty sad but I guess an opportunity for thieves in this day and age... but I can see why people feel more trustworthy in a church.

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