• all kewpies need footwear!

good kino, move in for the kiss-close

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blurry, need practice. the boots are in focus!

  1. Violet Skies ages ago | reply

    Too cutie!

  2. Pinkachan ages ago | reply

    Adorable! Even though it's a bit blurry, the coloring and lighting give it a great atmosphere. I love it!

    Btw, where can I find these tiny Kewpies? I honestly cannot find them anywhere!

  3. The Dolly Mama ages ago | reply

    I agree with Pinkus...the coloring and the kewpies...are wonderful..and I don't even notice the blurry... As for Kewpies..I have found them at the big Craft store we have here...Hobby Lobby...in the doll making section..

  4. mylaar ages ago | reply

    i can't believe i actually got the reference.

    the blurry doesn't bother me -- just adds to the silent filmness of it all. these are great!

  5. Super*Junk ages ago | reply

    high fives jordana! oh VH1, look what you've done to me!

  6. snoopygirl ages ago | reply

    oooh TTV ... coolness. I need to make a new "light tunnel" for mine. what are you using? I made one then one of the guys who works for me put it in the recycling container because I stupidly left it on the kitchen counter!

    aces picture!

  7. DollyHex [deleted] ages ago | reply

    I like the soft focus it adds to its charm and atmosphere.

    Love the TTV technique. This group might interest you:

    Seen in your toys set. (?)

  8. Super*Junk ages ago | reply

    sorry for the late reply! I just used some black construction paper for this mock-up, but I have some black matte board that I will use to make a sturdier one.

  9. jltohru [deleted] ages ago | reply

    u been watching "the pick-up artist"??
    d'oh i just revealed my own addiction!

  10. wagerry 90 months ago | reply

    Querido! :)

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