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94/365: banana physics

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Some boys in our homeschool group testing what it takes to smash a banana with a toy car.

Still haven't gotten my 365 numbers sorted out. Soon, I promise. [edit: FIXED!]

  1. Sarah McVey 61 months ago | reply

    LOL! That sounds like a TON of fun! That room is so colorful! Is that in your home?

  2. tufteach 61 months ago | reply

    Did you know that if you break those little banana slice they always break into thirds?

  3. cmezoom56 61 months ago | reply

    Love the colors on the wall.

  4. SuperDewa 61 months ago | reply

    Not my home -- we meet with a group twice a week in a church, although we're not affiliated with the church. I think the this room, in the basement, is used as a teen lounge by the church.

    I did not know that! I will test it sometime.

    I should say that this wasn't my class idea or prep. Another wonderful Mom gets credit for this (the Mom of the boy in the blue shirt).

  5. Dr Lindy 61 months ago | reply

    It;s great. I love the whole thing.

  6. swintime 61 months ago | reply

    Are we supposed to number our pictures? I guess it would have been helpful, especially for me down the road when it's like Nov. or Dec. and I am trying to find a picture. Oh well.... Anyway... that would be fun to paint a basement like that. I doubt my husband would let me. But maybe I can talk him into it!

  7. oceanbleu photography/behind again! 61 months ago | reply

    I love the room, photo and colors!

  8. SuperDewa 61 months ago | reply

    Thanks! Fun, isn't it?

    We're not "supposed" to do anything. I just like the numbers because they help me keep track of how far I've come and how much longer I have left. I didn't start on January 1, so it's particularly helpful to me. I just made the assumption everyone did this, but there's no need if you don't want to.

    Seen in your Project 365 set. (?)

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