Negative Smoke

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Taken from an incense stick (again) and has been through a digital negative filter.

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  1. Dan Barak 114 months ago | reply

    Thanks a lot :)

    You can try looking at the "smokeart" group for even more interesting shots like these.

  2. Stijn Coppens 114 months ago | reply

    i'm a fanatic non-smoker, but i really like the sharpness of this picture...superb !

  3. H@shim A ™ 113 months ago | reply

    The flow and mood work for me... I like the corner to corner movement.

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  4. The RedLion 113 months ago | reply

    Yea, the diagonal composition really works for me too.

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  5. Jon Haynes Photography 113 months ago | reply

    I love these also but not again please

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  6. Hans Speijer 113 months ago | reply

    I like it.

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  7. carolyn_in_oregon 113 months ago | reply

    I like the diagonal & the contrast but after looking at the artsmoke pool I saw so many more that were more interesting than this one

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  8. Glenn Loos-Austin 113 months ago | reply

    Dan, isn't this your second photo in deleteme today? 1 a day is the rule, I thought.

    -vote withheld.

  9. Eric Uhlir 113 months ago | reply

    Wow, another image of smoke. That's great but this is like pictures of your pets. IT's ubiquitous. Pretty, yes of course, but mundane.

  10. nickehret 113 months ago | reply

    Well done, but the this particular smoke steam isn't all that interesting.

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  11. 15FeetOfPureWhiteSnow [deleted] 113 months ago | reply

    very well approached.
    but nothing more than a clipart by content.

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  12. Charl Durand 113 months ago | reply

    It'll make a nice ad in a glossy magazine but here it doesn't float. Didn't we have a similar one round this time yesterday with some anti-war slogan?

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  13. Schemie Radge 113 months ago | reply

    Great but I prefer the one already in the safe personally.

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  14. AustinTX 113 months ago | reply

    Technically competent, but at this point, like Fall leaves, you need more.

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  15. Blackx_ 113 months ago | reply

    Good quality, but there are too many smokes on Flickr. I consider it nice, but cliche.

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  16. Simon Pais 113 months ago | reply

    Love it.
    i'll abstaing my vote.

  17. filament 113 months ago | reply

    The smoke thing is just too cliche at this point to be worth saving.

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  18. Franki 1973 113 months ago | reply

    I love the smoke photos! And in negative it looks even better. Good job!

    Even though it does not count any more, you get a

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    from me!

  19. Dan Barak 113 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    @Franki 1973 - Fantastic, even I didn't see that dancer without your guide :) A special thanks to you!

    @Glenn Loos-Aust - thanks, I totally forgot and remembered only the 1 at a time... sorry.

  20. f:A 99 months ago | reply

    A project favouriting things of a certain theme.

    Go to flickr_analyzer for more details.


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