Fresh Indian Mangos

Indian mangos became available in the US recently after a many-year embargo. They're flown over right after being picked (ripened on the tree) so while they're pricey, they're super delicious.


I bought a box this morning for my dad for father's day at my favorite Indian grocery store in jackon heights, patel bros.


They reminded my mom and dad of India, and they really do taste qualitatively better than the ones we get from Mexico. They have a very faint lemon/lime taste and aren't fibrous at all. The skin also holds up really well compared to the mangos we're used to in the states, which usually ripen after being picked, a process that leaves them with mushy skins that fall apart.


Since they just started shipping these, we're getting the cream of the Indian mango crops, hand-selected for export. Every mango in the box was perfect and unmarked.


They're fantastic.

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Taken on June 17, 2007